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Catapult to Greece ... without flying! Well yes ... We are generous too! We take you on a taste trip with our new GREEK blend Les Savoureux.

Whether in your favorite Greek salad, to marinate a pork tenderloin or even chicken breasts ... and worse ... why not on a fish !!!

In short, like all of our spice blends, it gets pretty good everywhere. :-)

With flavors of garlic *, sea salt, lemon pepper *, oregano *, mint *, marjoram * it will transport you directly to Greece.

* All our spices are certified organic, sugar free and chosen with LOTS of love! We do not use any product that contains gluten.

How to use it ?

A good olive oil, a little lemon juice, a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 2 good large tablespoons of our Greek mixture and you're ready to go straight to Greece by the sea.

And on top of that, you use the same recipe that you put in a resealable bag with your meat and ... BINGO! A nice marinade for your pork or chicken. Isn't it wonderful?

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