BULK - Italian Seasoning 150G - Organic spices

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Do you fall for Les Savoureux seasonings and spices so well that you eat them almost with a spoon? No problem ... Here we offer you an economical alternative to get in BULK a large batch (150g) of our tasty mix of Italian spices in an ecological paper bag that you will use to fill your original Les Savoureux jar.

Italy at its best and its purest expression!


Tasty herbs *

Garlic powder *

Sea salt


Celery seeds *

Black pepper*

Chili flakes *

* Organic. Certified by Québec Vrai

Add our Savory Italian blend to your spaghetti sauce, sauces, pizzas, dips, dressings, marinades and excellent as a spice on your meats. Let your culinary imagination "garro" this Italian blend everywhere, everywhere!

In addition to being certified organic, like all our other spice blends, our Italian seasoning is Sugar free! 

Bon Appétit!

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